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FMB Experiences of Mississauga Mumineen

Our experience of FMB nehmat from our Moula has been overwhelming. Words cannot fully express what we feel (ruhani) and everytime we have this nehmat from our Moula we thank them immensely and pray hamesha that "amari umar moula naie laagi jaaye". Also we are grateful and thank each and every member of THE FMB TEAM AND ALSO OUR AMIL FOR THE AMAZING TASK THEY ARE PERFORMING. May Allah grant all of you with good health, wealth and prosperity.

This message to all of you is from the hearts to Mustafa, Munira and Zainulabedin. GOD BLESS YOU ALL


Salaams. Al Faizal Mawaid al Burhaniyah shuru thaava si mumeneen na gharo ma ane jaano ma ajab barakat pohchi rahi chhe. Ghana mumeneen ni zindagi par aa Faiz nu jaman pochva si naemato ni baarish jaari thai chhe. Amte Syedna TUS potano ek  experience share karva maangu chhu. Mane bachpan si kamar ma dukhava ni takleef hati. Faizal Mawaid al Burhaniyah ni thaali nu shifa vantu jaman jamva si mane aa dard ma ghani raahat mili chhe, ghnai vaar to khabar aj na pade kai takleef hati.  Khuda Ta'ala mumeneen ne aa misal barakati luqmaa jamarnar Aaqa Maula TUS ane Aali Qadr Maula TUS ni Umr Sharif ne Ta'roze Qayamat daraaz ane daraaz karjo. Aameen!

Amte Syedna TUS va Mansoosehi TUS,
Fatemaben Murtazabhai Lunawadi.


By Aqa Maula (T.U.S) Doa Mubarak I got a job in a construction company , but it was in Timmins. I approached Janab Aamilsaheb for Doa and requested him to do Arz for Doa in Huzurala (T.U.S) that I get a job in Toronto. Janab Aamilsaheb suggested that I do niyat of 215 FMB thalis and said that by the barakat of FMB and Doa Mubarak of Aqa Maula (T.U.S) I will get the posting in Toronto. Within 15 days I got transferred from Timmins to New Market. FMB Thalis Barakat and Maula (T.U.S) Doa mubarak has made this possible. I am thankful to Janab Aamilsaheb for this guidance and faith, and do Shukr in Huruzurala (T.U.S).

Mulla Abbas Saifi.


6 months back my 8 year old son went for his regularly eye checkup with his optometrist he was diagnosed with cataract in both of his eyes, I was devastated and worried. We immediately did arzi for dua in Aqa Moula's (TUS) hazrat, and we received dua mubarak from Aqa Moula (TUS). Our family doctor adviced us to book an appointment with ophthalmologist. During that waiting time I always told my son, whenever he use to tanaawul FMB's jaman that on each and every niwaala pray that Allah may grant you get shifa. And when we got appointment from the ophthalmologist, he checked his both eyes and said "don't worry his both eyes are fine, his vision is good, he does have cataract but it is like a very tiny freckle and is not in his vision. The cataract might never grow and he might not have to go for surgery throughout his life." It was a mojiza for us. I truly believe in the barakaat and shifa of FMB's jaman. May Allah grant our aqua moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddinsaheb (TUS) and his Mansoos Syedi Aali Qadar Syedi va Moulai Muffaddal Bhaisaheb (TUS) with healthy long life.

Amte Syedna (TUS)

Tahera Shabbir Gittham


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